Achieve your goals with NECS

We provide support services for people with a disability to assist you in areas of daily living and community participation that matter most to you. Supporting people in Wangaratta and surrounding districts.

The Right Match

At NECS we understand that the success of your experience begins with the relationship between you and members of our support team.

That’s why we pair you up with team members who share the same interests as you. We do this by taking time to get to know you, your hobbies, interests, personality and life experience.

It is important to us that you enjoy company and support and that you feel comfortable and confident having your support person in your home.

To ensure that we provide consistent support we will match you with at least two team members (a primary and secondary support) who will share your support requirements. This means that even if your primary support person is on leave you will be supported by someone that you know and feel comfortable with.

We want you to feel that we work together with a high professional standard and relationship that is an expectation of a quality service.

We believe that every individual possesses many skills and abilities and has enormous potential for life-long growth and development.